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Launched: Howcam Technologies
HOWCAM Technologies has over 60 years combined experience in gravity mineral exploration and testing, research and development, process design, manufacture and installation, training and commissioning. HOWCAM Technologies manufacture a full range of mineral processing jigs, working in close association with other equipment manufacturers to provide tailored mineral process solutions.

Latest Work:
Business Cards
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Love this!
Wall art

Wall art   (see more ink drawings)
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Launched: Intrust Financial Advisers
Intrust Financial Advisers (Intrust) is a specialised financial planning practice established to assist clients in their wealth creation, wealth protection and financial planning needs.

Latest Work:
Logo Rework
Business Card
A5 + A5.
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Email Signature Setup Outlook

Once you receive your email signature files from us or you have created your htm email signature yourself, follow these step by step instructions on how to install it into Microsoft Office Outlook:

12  1.  Save both signature files (htm and txt) attached to your desktop or a folder
2.   

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Launched: Doonan Sand and Gravel
Doonan Sand + Gravel suppy a huge range of rock, stone, gravel, sand, soil, bark and mulch as well as garden supplies. For commercial application or for just around the home, Doonan Sand and Gravel have got just what you need.

Latest Work
Business Card
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